Get the best of your content when it is shared on social networks

Your content now: commonplace, no branding.

Your content is great! But once it is shared on social networks, it just looks mundane. How could people notice your content and know it is from you?

Your content with Resoc: outstanding. At last.

Add eye-catching visual elements. Get noticed. Let your visitors, readers and customers promote your brand.

CNN with Resoc

How CNN articles could look like with Resoc

Mashable with Resoc

How Mashable articles could look like with Resoc

eBay with Resoc

How eBay products could look like with Resoc

Try it.

How do your pages look like when your visitors share them on social networks? What could Resoc do for them?

Don't guess. Test.

Could your logo generate more comments on Facebook? Could a hashtag raise additional traffic? Start a test in a few clicks, let Resoc collect the results and pick the winner.

Resoc collects Facebook metrics for you (shares, comments, reactions and clicks) and show them variant per variant so you get a clear picture at a glance. Resoc also injects the data in your regular analytics tool, so you can track your favorite metrics, variant per variant.

Done in minutes.

Setting up Resoc for your site is a matter of changing a couple of HTML lines, once for all. The rest takes place in your Resoc dashboard.

Using WordPress? It's even easier and faster.

Register to the beta.

Resoc Private Beta is expected to be available by September 2019. Register now and get your account when it is ready!