Resoc for WooCommerce sites

Stop throwing traffic away and show your brand to your customers's friends


Visit your eCommerce site, pick any product page and share it on Facebook. Most likely, you encounter one of these problems:

Small image

The product image is small and the share has less impact in Facebook news feed.

Cut product

Facebook automatically crops the product image... and the result is not pretty.

The 1-minute fix: Facebook-friendly image

Install and activate Resoc Social Image Beautifier for WooCommerce

Good work!

The 1-minute improvement: Show your brand

Seize the opportunity to show your brand. Add releavant, eye-catching content to make the social network posts more attractive.

During the launch phase, a profesionnal creates your branding design for FREE.

Claim your FREE branding design

Then, we send you a code to enter in the plugin settings. One minute, really.