Resoc Social Editor WordPress Plugin

Your posts are awesome and branded when they are shared on social networks

Branded posts

Without Resoc

Absolutely no branding. Where is your logo?

With Resoc

Your brand is visible, consistent and memorable.

Perfect image

Without Resoc

Facebook auto-crops your image, for better or for worse.

With Resoc

You do the copping and scaling in seconds.

Perfect title and description, everywhere

Without Resoc

How are your title and description displayed on desktop browsers? Facebook iOS app? LinkedIn Android app?

With Resoc

Craft your title and description for all devices. No more guesswork.

Smooth integration

The social editor fits nicely in your WordPress dashboard.

Free brand identity overlay

During Resoc launching phase, your brand identity on social networks is designed by a profesional, for FREE. Send us your logo and we handle this for you.

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